If you cannot see your parents as your role model, something wrong with your family upbringing-Yvonne Jegede

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She wrote on her Instastory: 

“I have no idea why a total stranger is your role model (Someone you have never met), People have their demons and life issues to deal with. But if there are some people who inspire your work, skill or maybe fashion sense, i can understand. 

If you cannot see your parents as your role model, then there’s something wrong with your family upbringing. Don’t stress people out concerning the mistakes your parents could not fix’

Following months of speculations by fans and cryptic messages individually posted on social media by the estranged couple, it appears their split might just be for real. Yvonne who used to go by the Instagram username, @yvonnejegedefawole has yanked off her husband’s name and is back to @iamyvonnejegede.

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