[MUSIC]: Lil Josh_ OSHA ft fresh kiddy, bhlack ace, Ewa & klaiv

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​In the beginning God created heaven and earth 🌍(genesis 1 Vs 1)  …….and and God saw everything that he created is good genesis 1 Vs 30 …..but devil has only one purpose on earth to kill, to steal and to destroy but  Christ is here to we may have life and abundantly John 10 Vs 10

We all have a purpose in life which must come to fulfilment but devil and his agent are blocking the way for here to bring it up to life

Is time for you to cry to Jesus Christ  and get movitilated with the song  

Lil Josh , Gojago crooner  collabo with four rare talented artists (fresh kiddy, bhlack ace, Ewa, klaiv)  in a song titled OSHA





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